Note about startup time

Because of the size of the dataset (approximately 600MB as of February, 2024), it takes on the order of a minute to synchronize with and download the full database. A progress indicator on the top right of the screen indicates that the app is processing the data at startup.


This interactive application is designed to help users visualize and organize the data from each dataset in the open access Wideband Acoustic Immitance (WAI) database, created by the Picker Engineering Program at Smith College. For more information about the database, including codebooks, please visit

This app was last updated February 9, 2024.


This app was created by Andrew Kim, Melody Owen, and Nicholas J. Horton (Amherst College). Additions and improvements by Keane Ng and Casey Crary. The principal investigator for the project is Susan E. Voss, Picker Engineering Program, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts.


This project has been made possible by grant R15-DC014129-01 from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Previous support was provided by the Four College Biomath Collaboration (4CBC), a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded program.

Please wait. Loading... (or there might be no data to plot)

Please wait. Loading... (or there might be no data to plot)

Step 1: Filter data by the following criteria:

Step 2: Select from datasets that match the above requirements:

Download filtered data: